Piling Rigs

  1. 220kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    The standard form of our 220kN.m Torque Piling Rig is outfitted with a Draw down Barrel which applies its power on the revolving, and is chiefly used for penetrating vast breadth drill openings. The rotating can work with an effective stroke. The piling rig utilizes a parallelogram arrangement of explanation.
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  2. 150 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    Accessible upon ask for, The 150 kN.m Torque Piling Rig moves the rotational by using the winch, enabling the turning to be utilized along a bigger stroke of the pole, 10 m (33 ft) approx.
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  3. 200 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    The 200 kN.m Torque Piling Rig is especially helpful for driving and removing packaging tubes specifically by the revolving, and no ifs ands or buts expanding your day by day profitability. The boring apparatus base is as of now inclined for all the different works recorded previously.
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  4. 250 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    250 kN.m Torque Piling Rigs are non-relocation cast-in-site exhausted heaps. They comprise of boring utilizing a revolving head coupled to a consistent flight twist drill with empty stem. Following achieving the required profundity concrete is pumped down through the empty stem of the wood screw to frame the heap.
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  5. 280 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    As indicated by the temporary worker's prerequisites, 280 kN.m Torque Piling Rig can offer an extensive variety of models, permitting distinctive profundities and breadths. Embellishments, for example, twist drill cleaners, PC for estimating and checking the infusion parameters, expansions as well as crowd winches can be advertised.
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  6. 285 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

    The exhausted heap to be thrown from a reasonably leveled stage of our 285 kN.m Torque Piling Rig with no less than 20 cm thick street base bed, which height will accord to the heap cut off level and profundity of ground water.
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